Knockbreda Football Club
Breda Park,  31-35 Upper Braniel Road, Belfast, BT5 7TX
Breda Park,  31-35 Upper Braniel Road, Belfast, BT5 7TX
2018/2019 SEASON CLUB FUNDRAISER There will be a monthly draw commencing August 2018 to April 2019 ( 9 draws) using numbered balls , with the draws taking place on the last Saturday of each month. Each number will cost £5 a month for 9 months , and there will be a monthly cash prize for  the holder of the number drawn. Please see Committee members Gary Kinkaid or Wesley Mooney for further details and to take part. 
Saturday Draw             Winning Number           Name of Winner  
25th Aug                                              8                                     David Cain 29th Sept                                            51                                    Alan Smyth                                           27th Oct                                              56                                  Ivor Copeland                                               24th Nov                                                7                                    David Cain       29th Dec                                              31                                   Steven Perry                                               26th Jan                                               42                                      Peezer                                            23rd Feb                                                 9                                  Gary Kinkade                                               19th Mar                                                4                                  Colin Algie                                               20th Apr                                               15                                Willie Manley